Patient Information


To register at the Practice you will need to visit the reception and complete a registration form or complete the form below. It would be useful if you could provide your NHS number.

We will request two forms of identification, one to include a photo ID (e.g. Passport, Driving Licence) the other needs your address (e.g. bank statement).

Click on the following link and enter your postcode to see if your address is within our practice boundary (catchment area)

When you register you will be invited to attend the Practice for a New Patient Check.

Please help us trace your previous medical records by providing the following :
If you are from abroad


All patients, including children, are allocated a named, accountable GP. Your named GP has overall responsibility for the care and support that the surgery provides to you and will work with other relevant health and care professionals who are involved in your care.

We encourage you to see your named GP where possible, particularly for on-going problems, so we can provide you with better continuity of care. If he/she is fully booked, you can ask for an appointment with another Doctor.

Please contact the surgery if you wish to know which GP has been allocated to you. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate changing patient allocated GP.


If you are registered with another doctor from outside Leek, but are staying within our Practice area for a period of up to three months, you can obtain medical care by registering with us as a temporary resident. This includes all visitors from the EU and a number of other overseas countries. Visitors from certain other countries, however, who are not covered by this arrangement, can still receive medical attention on a private fee-paying basis. A list of these countries and the fees payable is available at reception.


All pre-booked doctors appointments can be made up to 2 weeks in advance. If you ask to see a particular doctor you may have to wait longer for an appointment. The Practice also offers telephone consultations.


Telephone 01538 381022
If you are housebound or genuinely too ill to come to the Surgery, requests for home visits should be made ideally before 11.00am. The receptionist will take a contact number and the duty doctor will call you back.


A variety of minor procedures are undertaken including joint injections.


It usually takes 5 days to receive the results of investigations performed in the Practice, i.e. blood tests, urine samples and x-rays. When making enquiries for test results please call the Practice after 2pm.


Patients on regular long-term medication are issued with a repeat prescription. To order a repeat prescription, complete the right hand side of the form and
• Place in the box provided in the waiting room
• Email us at [email protected]
• Ask your pharmacy to place the order for you
• Order online by registering at or via the link on our website (

Prescriptions are ready to collect after 3.00pm, two working days later.
If you request an item that is not on the prescription it will not automatically be provided.

We also offer the Electronic Prescription Service, which allows you to choose or “nominate” a pharmacy to get your medications from. Your prescription will then be sent electronically from the surgery to the pharmacy. This means:

• You will not have to collect your prescription from the Practice.
• They can be collected from a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop (providing the pharmacy you’ve chosen is able to receive electronic prescriptions).
• Prescriptions are usually prepared ready for collection.

Please ask the receptionist for more information.


It is important to let us know of any changes in your personal details, so that your records can be kept up to date. This helps to avoid problems for your doctor if a home visit is requested. If you leave the area covered by our Practice, you must register with a new Practice as soon as possible. If there is a change of name we require a copy of certification such as a marriage certificate or deed poll certificate.


Leek Health Centre is a research Practice and contributes anonymous patient data to a database(s) used for health care research purposes. The Practice receives a nominal fee and training from the company aggregating the data, to help improve quality in its computer records. Anonymous data means that all patient identifiers (e.g. name, address, date of birth) have been removed so that individuals cannot be traced.

The company holding the anonymous data provides the data to authorised researchers for a fee. The data collection scheme has been approved by the South East Multicentre Research Ethics Committee. The committee also oversee all research conducted on the data. The database holds data on millions of patients, and no patient is traceable to anyone outside this Practice.


The Practice has members of staff available to chaperone during intimate examinations. This service may not be available immediately – if you know in advance a chaperone will be required, please ask when booking your appointment.


While visiting the health centre, you are welcome to use the private car park at the rear of the building (access off Cross Street), but please do not leave your car there to go shopping as there are only a limited number of spaces. For disabled patients, there are a line of spaces directly outside the main entrance (Fountain Street), as well as a marked space in our car park. The car park is locked outside of practice hours.


The health centre has disabled access to the front (via automatic doors) and rear of the building. All access is suitable for wheelchairs. The health centre also provides disabled toilet access and we have an induction loop hearing system for the hard of hearing plus a text phone on 01538 399511.

Once registered for Patient Access please allow 2 working days for your account to be activated.